JIRA Report

Key Summary Status Resolution By
DISPL-501 Column sorting is broken with a decorator Closed Fixed  
DISPL-499 Decorator.searchGetterFor() method dumps stacktraces into console Closed Fixed  
DISPL-497 Add sublist support for Pagination Closed Fixed  
DISPL-486 exporting in excel with href an paramId attribute Closed Fixed  
DISPL-483 asfasd Closed Fixed  
DISPL-432 Somebody could me send the displaytag1.1.1.jar? Closed Fixed  
DISPL-409 Wrong sorting column in export Closed Fixed  
DISPL-385 dynamic tables don't work with weblogic 9 Closed Fixed  
DISPL-384 typo in documentation Closed Fixed  
DISPL-375 ClassCastException in HeaderCell.addToTotal when totaling column Closed Fixed  
DISPL-339 Site indicates source is in CVS Closed Fixed  
DISPL-336 Export still dose not work with decorator, even with Closed Fixed  
DISPL-321 unit test failures in 1.1 due to wrong encoding or locale Closed Fixed  
DISPL-307 ExcelHssfView sets Encoding for headerColumn too late Closed Fixed  
DISPL-306 Ability to set default comparator for sorting String columns Closed Fixed  
DISPL-305 NPE in displaytag 1.1 when row css class is not set Closed Fixed  
DISPL-304 External paging paging.banner.some_items_found displays 1-10 in the second page (other pages as well) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-293 Small issue with Documentation Closed Fixed  
DISPL-291 No source distribution available Closed Fixed  
DISPL-287 Displaytag-1.1-bin is not downloadable from any sourceforge mirror Closed Fixed  
DISPL-284 Iblibio (maven repository) does not hold 1.1 release, although displaytag site suggests it's presence (see install - maven dependecy XML) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-280 Sortable header links fail when using external sorting and an integer as the sortName. Closed Fixed  
DISPL-279 new "value" column attribute (same behavior as tag body, but doesn't coerce value to string) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-273 display-portlet code cleanup Closed Fixed  
DISPL-272 Navigational URLs incorrect when using PortletHref Closed Fixed  
DISPL-268 Add two classes to project to support JSR168 based portlets Closed Fixed  
DISPL-263 Session-enabled display tag library Closed Fixed  
DISPL-262 maxLength abbreviations don't get a mouse-over when original exceeds maxLength with 1, 2 or 3 characters - SOLUTION INCLUDED ! Closed Fixed  
DISPL-252 Multiple (chained) column decorators Closed Fixed  
DISPL-246 Wrong header set in BufferedResponseWrapper when a charset is already defined (missing '=') Closed Fixed  
DISPL-245 WYSIWYG Exports Closed Fixed  
DISPL-244 TestAll breaks if the build path contains a space Closed Fixed  
DISPL-243 Default column sort breaks sorting after a few sorts of the column Closed Fixed  
DISPL-238 org.displaytag.util.MultipleHtmlAttribute : css class composition is not safe Closed Fixed  
DISPL-234 HTML title not added with chopped value (column tag - maxLength attribute) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-232 paging.banner.full: {6} is not the total number of pages Closed Fixed  
DISPL-231 Property files are read for every table generated Closed Fixed  
DISPL-228 DefaultRequestHelper fails with Null parameter Closed Fixed  
DISPL-224 Adding the "scope" attribute to table header cells ( or ) for web accessibility. Closed Fixed  
DISPL-222 Ability to use a custom DecoratorFactory Closed Fixed  
DISPL-217 html table not assigning right id Closed Fixed  
DISPL-213 Page Listing Incorrect Closed Fixed  
DISPL-212 Table displayed incorrectly with fully loaded last page and page number+1 for page parameter Closed Fixed  
DISPL-208 Column level default sort order Closed Fixed  
DISPL-206 Sorting of null incorrect Closed Fixed  
DISPL-204 extend ColumnDecorator interface for localization/internationalization Closed Fixed  
DISPL-201 HTML escape characters showing in tag Library Documentation for Table Tage (EL) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-199 Column Summation Closed Fixed  
DISPL-192 add row style to current row from TableDecorator Closed Fixed  
DISPL-175 Change Attributes with Decorators Closed Fixed  
DISPL-174 to Mike Robinson - sometimes "title" - sometimes not Closed Fixed  
DISPL-171 sortProperty not working in ELColumnTag Closed Fixed  
DISPL-170 Use of the TagConstants.AMPERSAND tag causes proxied displaytag hrefs to fail Closed Fixed  
DISPL-169 JetSpeed portlet library has been deprecated Closed Fixed  
DISPL-167 Java 1.3 version (Unsupported major.minor version 48.0) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-164 Footer executes at begining of iteration, not at end Closed Fixed  
DISPL-162 Excel export using POI Closed Fixed  
DISPL-157 Allow displaytag in a form Closed Fixed  
DISPL-156 StringBuffer.append vs. JspWriter.print Closed Fixed  
DISPL-150 autolink working with https://, ftp://, etc Closed Fixed  
DISPL-149 I18StrutsAdapter requires struts 1.2 Closed Fixed  
DISPL-148 Sporadic error with factory.requestHelper Closed Fixed  
DISPL-146 LookupUtil.getBeanProperty() may be unnecessary Closed Fixed  
DISPL-145 tag holding references to resources. Closed Fixed  
DISPL-144 DisplayTag does not load displaytag.properties if library and config file placed in different classloaders Closed Fixed  
DISPL-142 Export of nested tables does not work Closed Fixed  
DISPL-139 Will ColumnDecorator regain access to the PageContext? Closed Fixed  
DISPL-138 Detecting of missing/wrong commons-lang dependency broken in rc2 Closed Fixed  
DISPL-136 Column body is not rendered when requesting an invalid page Closed Fixed  
DISPL-134 Increase efficiency of paging using a list subset (patch included) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-130 Href attribute lacks flexibilty Closed Fixed  
DISPL-129 allow for partial lists where the rest remains in DB Closed Fixed  
DISPL-127 export footer info Closed Fixed  
DISPL-125 Preserve The Current Page And Sort Across Sessions (patch included) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-123 export description Closed Fixed  
DISPL-118 Exception when requesting invalid page of paged table Closed Fixed  
DISPL-117 Allow ColumnTag to generate links to current page Closed Fixed  
DISPL-112 Allow requestURI with only parameters (changes included) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-110 Ability to highlight selected table row Closed Fixed  
DISPL-109 Center of paging banner number Closed Fixed  
DISPL-107 Excel and Text exports use Windows Latin-1 encoding Closed Fixed  
DISPL-106 Webwork i18n support Closed Fixed  
DISPL-104 Need ability to disable prepending of context to the contents of the requestURI attribute Closed Fixed  
DISPL-103 replace nowrap (deprecated) in example-misc.jsp with style. Closed Fixed  
DISPL-102 Too old setProperty usages in example-config.jsp Closed Fixed  
DISPL-101 redundant setProperties in example-paging.jsp Closed Fixed  
DISPL-100 double repeated word in example-grouping.jsp Closed Fixed  
DISPL-99 word missed in example-decorator.jsp Closed Fixed  
DISPL-98 Misspell word in displaytag.pdf Closed Fixed  
DISPL-97 example-imp-objects.jsp makes error (unbalanced tag) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-96 null or empty list does not produce table header (example-datasource.jsp) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-95 example-datasource.jsp incorrect content Closed Fixed  
DISPL-93 example-styles.jsp content incorrect Closed Fixed  
DISPL-87 support JDK 1.3 Closed Fixed  
DISPL-86 Append request parameters to column href Closed Fixed  
DISPL-81 using ColumnDecorator with tag body Closed Fixed  
DISPL-80 option to automatically escape xml Closed Fixed  
DISPL-79 Needed changes to export view interface / filter Closed Fixed  
DISPL-78 Document i18n support and configuration in rc2 Closed Fixed  
DISPL-77 Account for extended ascii strings when sorting Closed Fixed