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Uses of DecoratorException in org.displaytag.decorator

Methods in org.displaytag.decorator that throw DecoratorException
 java.lang.String ColumnDecorator.decorate(java.lang.Object columnValue)
          Deprecated. Called after the object has been retrieved from the bean contained in the list.
 java.lang.Object DisplaytagColumnDecorator.decorate(java.lang.Object columnValue, javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext pageContext, MediaTypeEnum media)
          Called after the object has been retrieved from the bean contained in the list.

Uses of DecoratorException in org.displaytag.model

Methods in org.displaytag.model that throw DecoratorException
 java.lang.String Column.createChoppedAndLinkedValue()
          Calculates the cell content, cropping or linking the value as needed.
 java.lang.Object Column.getValue(boolean decorated)
          Gets the value, after calling the table / column decorator is requested.
 void Column.initialize()
          Initialize the cell value.

Uses of DecoratorException in org.displaytag.render

Methods in org.displaytag.render that throw DecoratorException
protected  void ItextTableWriter.writeColumnOpener(Column column)
          Write a column's opening structure to an iText document.
protected  void HtmlTableWriter.writeColumnOpener(Column column)
          Writes an HTML table's column-opening tag to a JSP page.

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