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Packages that use MediaUtil.SupportsMedia

Uses of MediaUtil.SupportsMedia in org.displaytag.tags

Classes in org.displaytag.tags that implement MediaUtil.SupportsMedia
 class CaptionTag
          Simple caption tag which mimics a standard html caption.
 class ColumnTag
           This tag works hand in hand with the TableTag to display a list of objects.
 class TableFooterTag
          Display a table footer.

Uses of MediaUtil.SupportsMedia in org.displaytag.tags.el

Classes in org.displaytag.tags.el that implement MediaUtil.SupportsMedia
 class ELCaptionTag
          Adds EL support to CaptionTag.
 class ELColumnTag
          Adds EL support to ColumnTag.

Uses of MediaUtil.SupportsMedia in org.displaytag.util

Methods in org.displaytag.util with parameters of type MediaUtil.SupportsMedia
static boolean MediaUtil.availableForMedia(MediaUtil.SupportsMedia mediaSupporter, MediaTypeEnum mediaType)
          Is this media supporter configured for the media type? (Background: Factored from ColumnTag)
static void MediaUtil.setMedia(MediaUtil.SupportsMedia mediaSupporter, java.lang.String media)
          Configures the media supported by an object that implements SupportsMedia.

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