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DISPL-458 I am using DisplayTag1.1 in Portal6.0 for export feature and I get exception " Unable to reset response before returning exported data. You are not using an export filter. Be sure that no other jsp tags are used before display:table or refer to the display Open Unresolved  
DISPL-451 Sub Totals and Totals in Export - PDF and Excel Open Unresolved  
DISPL-427 Parameters in requestURI are indefinitely concatenated Open Unresolved  
DISPL-411 CLONE -ServletException on WAS Closed Cannot Reproduce  
DISPL-370 display tag row number object not cleaing up when any exceptions happen, this forcing server restart Open Unresolved  
DISPL-344 Export failure running as Liferay portlet Open Unresolved  
DISPL-254 Column sort does not pass parameters Open Unresolved  
DISPL-253 ServletException on WAS Closed Cannot Reproduce  
DISPL-244 TestAll breaks if the build path contains a space Closed Fixed  
DISPL-235 Trying to display multipe tables using display tag along with Pagination feature but failing to do it Closed Incomplete  
DISPL-190 export broken with tiles on oc4j Closed Won ' t Fix  
DISPL-167 Java 1.3 version (Unsupported major.minor version 48.0) Closed Fixed  
DISPL-166 support for struts session locale Closed Duplicate  
DISPL-478 export problem in portlet Open Unresolved  
DISPL-449 Sort does not work with webwork... the format of displayTag parameters cause webwork to throw an exception Closed Won ' t Fix  
DISPL-445 Unable to open PDF files in the Browser Open Unresolved  
DISPL-410 paging throws InvocationTargetException when clicking " next " or a numbered page of results Open Unresolved  
DISPL-388 Single quotes are escaped incorrectly with escapeXml= " true " Open Unresolved  
DISPL-383 sortName doesnt work Open Unresolved  
DISPL-380 Very poor performance on bigger list or bigger < display:table > tag content Open Unresolved  
DISPL-377 Sort and Pagination links(url) generated is too long ( > 2083 chars). Links not working in IE. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-372 Database Table Closed Cannot Reproduce  
DISPL-353 SetProperty of PDF export class definition does not override the default PdfView. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-292 Export to Excel, PDf y RTF doesn ' t export all the LIST Open Unresolved  
DISPL-287 Displaytag-1.1-bin is not downloadable from any sourceforge mirror Closed Fixed  
DISPL-264 Export to Excel not appending form parameters Closed Cannot Reproduce  
DISPL-258 I am not able to export to excel Open Unresolved  
DISPL-249 Link generated for results navigation is breaking national character taken from FormBean Closed Cannot Reproduce  
DISPL-223 column property attribute susceptible to cross-site scripting!! Closed Incomplete  
DISPL-213 Page Listing Incorrect Closed Fixed  
DISPL-172 Internationalization for TableDecorator Closed Cannot Reproduce  
DISPL-69 option to strip html before sort Closed Fixed  
DISPL-479 Page number Open Unresolved  
DISPL-477 In excel report some fields are shown as full links Open Unresolved  
DISPL-476 TotalTableDecorator - paging no grand total appearing Open Unresolved  
DISPL-475 MultilevelTotalDecorator - when paging grand total appearing on first page only Open Unresolved  
DISPL-474 TotalDecorator - totals not being persisted between pages Open Unresolved  
DISPL-473 To block the pagination to make a control Open Unresolved  
DISPL-471 Patch to allow displaytag users to specify the target encoding of export files Open Unresolved  
DISPL-469 External Paging and reference number in header Open Unresolved  
DISPL-467 Subtotal on Grouping Open Unresolved  
DISPL-466 Allow usage of Excel templates in Excel export Open Unresolved  
DISPL-465 Drill down and grouping column Open Unresolved  
DISPL-462 SIGQUIT handling / thread dumps disabled when displaytag is used Open Unresolved  
DISPL-461 sort name does not appears in column title link with default properties Open Unresolved  
DISPL-460 javax.servlet.ServletException: Java heap space Open Unresolved  
DISPL-459 Three new parameters in the paging banner : current indexes and the total number of elements Open Unresolved  
DISPL-457 HtmlTableWriter make inconsistent use of TableModel within methods Open Unresolved  
DISPL-456 Need way to subclass HeaderCell Open Unresolved  
DISPL-454 Cannot sort a column if there is too much parameters in the last request object. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-453 Project summary and start page not clear Open Unresolved  
DISPL-452 New parameter target for export link Open Unresolved  
DISPL-450 Update PDF export to use iText 2.0 Open Unresolved  
DISPL-448 TableTag: doStartTag() iterates over the whole collection unconditionally. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-447 Change visibility of currentRowObject in TableDecorator Open Unresolved  
DISPL-446 Deadlock issues with display tag Open Unresolved  
DISPL-444 Support for includedParams in table tag Open Unresolved  
DISPL-443 Pagination/sorting links are incorrect when using externally sorted and locally sorted tables in same JSP page Open Unresolved  
DISPL-442 Need ability to add/edit/delete row data Open Unresolved  
DISPL-440 various problems with partial lists Open Unresolved  
DISPL-434 using custom decorator in Table tag + paramId/paramProperty Open Unresolved  
DISPL-432 Somebody could me send the displaytag1.1.1.jar? Closed Fixed  
DISPL-431 Include a default implementation for PaginatedList Open Unresolved  
DISPL-430 Columns with body data between < display:column > and < /display:column > are not render properly (empty) when last displayed element was removed Open Unresolved  
DISPL-428 Make configurable the class created by the PortletRequestHelperFactory Open Unresolved  
DISPL-426 group size for pagination problem Open Unresolved  
DISPL-424 Sorting large tables doesn ' t work with IE7 Open Unresolved  
DISPL-421 How can i display the images in the table Open Unresolved  
DISPL-419 column defaultorder= " descending " not working in paginated list Open Unresolved  
DISPL-418 Vertical Scrolling keeping the Column headers constant Open Unresolved  
DISPL-417 Need ability to decorate some cell according to its content value. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-416 name attribute on TableTag not released Open Unresolved  
DISPL-415 Default value for escapeXml should be configurable Open Unresolved  
DISPL-414 How can i make Links to the column values through Dynabean Open Unresolved  
DISPL-413 Allow for configuration of a seperate requestURI for exports Open Unresolved  
DISPL-412 Column Decorator getting the other Column Values Open Unresolved  
DISPL-409 Wrong sorting column in export Resolved Fixed  
DISPL-408 Encoding/decoding issue for column with special character and < symbol Open Unresolved  
DISPL-407 Using DynaBeans, when a cell has the same value of the above one, the value is not shown Open Unresolved  
DISPL-404 DefaultHref.setFullUrl should not escape parameters using StringEscapeUtils. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-402 New attribute tdIdPostfix for column Open Unresolved  
DISPL-401 New attribute tdIdPostfix for column Closed Won ' t Fix  
DISPL-400 paginatedList not cleaned up Open Unresolved  
DISPL-399 Include Nested tables in Export Open Unresolved  
DISPL-398 Export to Excel in IE - Invalid Characters in Worksheet Name Open Unresolved  
DISPL-396 Japanese/Chinese characters don ' t get exported in CSV Open Unresolved  
DISPL-395 New display:column attribute tdIdPostfix Closed Won ' t Fix  
DISPL-394 code bug in using poi to export to excel Open Unresolved  
DISPL-393 Under high load Paging throw an exception : IndexOutOfBoundsException: fromIndex = -20 Open Unresolved  
DISPL-392 Access to the current row in a column decorator Open Unresolved  
DISPL-391 Use decorator to create HREF. HREF displayed as a string. Open Unresolved  
DISPL-390 _rowNum doesn ' t change after a sort Open Unresolved  
DISPL-387 problem for single quote escaping for single quote character in displaytag column tags using escapeXML= " true " Open Unresolved  
DISPL-386 Export to Excel not tab delimited Open Unresolved  
DISPL-385 dynamic tables don ' t work with weblogic 9 Closed Fixed  
DISPL-381 Adding the group column value as a header row to the group results Open Unresolved  
DISPL-379 Grouping is performned by default if you don ' t define any columns Open Unresolved  
DISPL-375 ClassCastException in HeaderCell.addToTotal when totaling column Closed Fixed  
DISPL-374 MessageFormatColumnDecarator fails on a date property when escapeXml=true Open Unresolved  
DISPL-371 NullPointerException when using custom ExportViews on sorted tables Open Unresolved